Troubleshooting Tetragon

Reporting a problem

Before you report a problem, make sure to retrieve the necessary information from your cluster.

Automatic log & state collection

You collect information in a Kubernetes cluster using the Cilium CLI:

cilium-cli sysdump

More details can be found in the Cilium docs.

Single Node Bugtool

If you are not running Kubernetes, it is also possible to run the bug collection tool manually with the scope of a single node using:

tetra bugtool

Tetragon’s bugtool captures potentially useful information about your environment for debugging. The tool is meant to be used for debugging a single Tetragon agent node. Note in Kubernetes, the command needs to be run from inside the Tetragon pod/container.

Last modified October 27, 2023: docs: sysdump and bugtool (80fdc634)