Deploy on Kubernetes

Deploy and manage Tetragon on Kubernetes

The recommended way to deploy Tetragon on a Kubernetes cluster is to use the Helm chart with Helm 3. Tetragon uses the repository to release the helm chart.


To install the latest release of the Tetragon helm chart, use the following command.

helm repo add cilium
helm repo update
helm install tetragon cilium/tetragon -n kube-system

To wait until Tetragon deployment is ready, use the following kubectl command:

kubectl rollout status -n kube-system ds/tetragon -w


You can then make modifications to the Tetragon configuration using helm upgrade, see the following example.

helm upgrade tetragon cilium/tetragon -n kube-system --set tetragon.grpc.address=localhost:1337

You can also edit the tetragon-config ConfigMap directly and restart the Tetragon daemonset with:

kubectl edit cm tetragon-config -n kube-system
kubectl rollout restart ds/tetragon -n kube-system


Upgrade Tetragon using a new specific version of the helm chart.

helm upgrade tetragon cilium/tetragon -n kube-system --version 0.9.0


Uninstall Tetragon using the following command.

helm uninstall tetragon -n kube-system