Submitting a pull request

Learn how to submit a pull request to the project

Submitting a pull request

Contributions must be submitted in the form of pull requests against the upstream GitHub repository at

  1. Fork the Tetragon repository.

  2. Push your changes to the topic branch in your fork of the repository.

  3. Submit a pull request on

Before hitting the submit button, please make sure that the following requirements have been met:

  1. Each commit compiles and is functional on its own to allow for bisecting of commits.

  2. All code is covered by unit and/or runtime tests where feasible.

  3. All changes have been tested and checked for regressions by running the existing testsuite against your changes.

  4. All commits contain a well written commit description including a title, description and a Fixes: #XXX line if the commit addresses a particular GitHub issue identified by its number. Note that the GitHub issue will be automatically closed when the commit is merged.

    doc: add contribution guideline and how to submit pull requests
    Tetragon Open Source project was just released and it does not include
    default contributing guidelines.
    This patch fixes this by adding:
    1. file in the root directory as suggested by github documentation:
    2. Development guide under docs directory with a section on how to submit pull requests.
    3. Moves the file from root directory to the `docs/contributing/development/` one.
    Fixes: #33
    Signed-off-by: Djalal Harouni <>

    Note: Make sure to include a blank line in between commit title and commit description.

  5. All commits are signed off. See the section Developer’s Certificate of Origin.

  6. All important steps in Making changes have been followed.