Running tests

Learn how to run the tests of the project

Tetragon has several types of tests:

  • Go tests, composed of unit tests for userspace Go code and Go and BPF code.
  • BPF unit tests, testing specifing BPF functions.
  • E2E tests, for end-to-end tests, installing Tetragon in Kubernetes clusters and checking for specific features.

Those tests are running in the Tetragon CI on various kernels1 and various architectures (amd64 and arm64).

Go tests

To run the Go tests locally, you can use:

make test

Use EXTRA_TESTFLAGS to add flags to the go test command.

Test specific kernels

To run the Go tests on various kernel versions, we use vmtests with cilium/little-vm-helper in the CI, you can also use it locally for testing specific kernels. See documentation

BPF unit tests

To run BPF unit tests, you can use:

make bpf-test

Those tests can be found under The framework uses Go tests with cilium/ebpf to run those tests, you can use BPFGOTESTFLAGS to add go test flags, like make BPFGOTESTFLAGS="-v" bpf-test.

E2E tests

To run E2E tests, you can use:

make e2e-test

This will build the Tetragon image and use the e2e framework to create a kind cluster, install Tetragon and run the tests. To not rebuild the image before running the test, use E2E_BUILD_IMAGES=0. You can use EXTRA_TESTFLAGS to add flags to the go test command.

What’s next

  1. For the detailed list, search for jobs.test.strategy.matrix.kernel in ↩︎