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Thank you for taking the time to improve Tetragon’s documentation.

Find the content

All the Tetragon documentation content can be found under

Style to follow

We generally follow the Kubernetes docs style guide

Preview locally

To preview the documentation locally, use one of the method below. Then browse to localhost:1313/docs, the default port used by Hugo to listen.

Using Docker

With a Docker service available, from the root of the repository, use:

make docs

You can also use make from the Makefile at the /docs folder level.

To cleanup the container image built in the process, you can use:

make -C docs clean

Local Hugo installation

The documentation is a Hugo static website using the Docsy theme.

Please refer to dedicated guides on how to install Hugo+extended and how to tweak Docsy, but generally, to preview your work, from the /docs folder:

hugo server