Contribution Guide

How to contribute to the project

We’re happy you’re interested in contributing to the Tetragon project.

This section of the Tetragon documentation will help you make sure you have an environment capable of testing changes to the Tetragon source code, and that you understand the workflow of getting these changes reviewed and merged upstream.

Clone and provision an environment

  1. Make sure you have a GitHub account.

  2. Fork the Tetragon repository to your GitHub user or organization.

  3. Turn off GitHub actions for your fork as described in the GitHub Docs.

    This is recommended to avoid unnecessary CI notification failures on the fork.

  4. Clone your ${YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME_OR_ORG}/tetragon fork into your GOPATH, and set up the base repository as upstream remote:

    mkdir -p "${GOPATH}/src/"
    cd "${GOPATH}/src/"
    git clone${YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME_OR_ORG}/tetragon.git
    cd tetragon
    git remote add upstream
  5. Prepare your Development setup, see section below.

  6. Check the GitHub issues for good tasks to get started.

  7. Follow the steps in Making changes to start contributing. Welcome :)!