Documentation for Tetragon metrics

Tetragon’s metrics are exposed to the system through an HTTP endpoint. These are used to expose event summaries and information about the state of the Tetragon agent.


Tetragon pods exposes a metrics endpoint by default. The chart also creates a service named tetragon that exposes metrics on the specified port.

Getting metrics port

Check if the tetragon service exists:

kubectl get services tetragon -n kube-system

The output should be similar to:

tetragon   ClusterIP   <none>        2112/TCP    3m

Port Forwarding

To forward the metrics port locally, use kubectl port forward:

kubectl -n kube-system port-forward service/tetragon 2112:2112

Local Package Install

By default, metrics are disabled when using release packages to install locally. The metrics can be enabled using --metrics-server flag to specify the address.

Alternatively, the examples/configuration/tetragon.yaml file contains example entries showing the defaults for the address of metrics-server. Local overrides can be created by editing and copying this file into /etc/tetragon/tetragon.yaml, or by editing and copying “drop-ins” from the examples/configuration/tetragon.conf.d directory into the /etc/tetragon/tetragon.conf.d/ subdirectory. The latter is generally recommended.

Set Metrics Address

Run sudo tetragon --metrics-server localhost:2112 to set metrics address to localhost:2112 and export metrics.

sudo tetragon --metrics-server localhost:2112

The output should be similar to this:

time="2023-09-21T13:17:08+05:30" level=info msg="Starting tetragon"
time="2023-09-21T13:17:08+05:30" level=info msg="config settings"
time="2023-09-22T23:16:24+05:30" level=info msg="Starting metrics server"
time="2023-09-21T13:17:08+05:30" level=info msg="Listening for events..."

Alternatively, a file named server-address can be created in etc/tetragon/tetragon.conf.d/metrics-server with content specifying a port like this localhost:2112, or any port of your choice as mentioned above.

Fetch the Metrics

After the metrics are exposed, either by port forwarding in case of Kubernetes installation or by setting metrics address in case of Package installation, the metrics can be fetched using curl on localhost:2112/metrics:

curl localhost:2112/metrics

The output should be similar to this:

# HELP promhttp_metric_handler_errors_total Total number of internal errors encountered by the promhttp metric handler.
# TYPE promhttp_metric_handler_errors_total counter
promhttp_metric_handler_errors_total{cause="encoding"} 0
promhttp_metric_handler_errors_total{cause="gathering"} 0
# HELP tetragon_errors_total The total number of Tetragon errors. For internal use only.
# TYPE tetragon_errors_total counter